About Green Oasis School
Student traits

East and west essence gathers the city oasis school, creates the shenzhen diversification high level education.

Urban oasis school teachers have a wide range of education background and international experience in teaching, our foreign teacher, hand in hand, with English as the main teaching media, provides the high level of bilingual education.

Our curriculum is student-centered and our education focuses on students' individual learning differences. The goal is to support different learning needs and learning patterns that teachers may encounter in different classes through the inclusion of interactive classrooms with top level teaching facilities and resources.(please visit our website facility resources section for more information)

We aim not only to teach students the language of science and mathematics knowledge skill, let the students after graduation to continue further education, secondary education and cultivate students' art literacy on sports and social skills, promote students' accumulation of social morality, education students to cherish life respect life, develop the ability to distinguish right from wrong and become responsible citizens we will be ready for the child to face the future competition.

Welcome to city oasis school.